Hi friends,

Welcome to Artitouille. The only thing this site loves more than art are the people who make it. Be it painters, musicians, sculptors or writers, Artitouille is a place to give  creators the recognition they deserve.

Whoever is here, I’m glad. I get to share with you my two passions; writing and art.

As a college student in St. Louis, there are two things I’ve learned in college so far. One, mitochondria are the power house of the cell. Two, everyone is just trying to make it. So, why not create a hub where those of us who have the hardest time succeeding can have a little bit of the spotlight?

So, for the love of art, enjoy!


What’s with the name?

We’re all but small ingredients in the great big dish that is life, and art is the butter that makes everything delicious.

Take a bite!

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